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•Fleet vehicles

Our services


Midec Impianti srl provides services to 360 degrees, for every need

Site assembly and construction works

  • We are equipped with highly qualified resources and personnel.

  • We provide all construction documentation (POS and DUVRI).

  • We operate safely and follow the regulations.

  • We are equipped with equipment to operate in any type of construction site

  • Through our partnerships, we have the means for the most suitable to the varied demands lifting.


Midec Impianti srl has a full-equipped carpentry machinery, including: rolling grille, bender, wire welding machines, band saw, drill press, ecc.

The structure, divided into two areas, is served by two bridge cranes, one 10-ton and one 5-ton.

Also we are arranging for a painting system that have a dry exhausts abatement system.

The High Definition Plasma is the heart of the company. Able to cut sheets up to 1500x3000 mm to a thickness of 15 mm, it is able to create products with high quality finish characteristics.

Exceptional transport

Thanks to our fleet and our collaborations we can offer transport able to meet every need.

Bridge cranes dismantling

Midec Impianti srl, has a long experience in disassembling bridge cranes, thanks to a collaboration that has lasted for years with specialists in the field.

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